Sulfiati Magnuson
Pacific Northwest

Bio: My life has been recreated many times over my 70 years, so I really shouldn’t be surprised that I have once again left my beloved West Coast of America to reside in Africa, specifically Uganda. This new life is based upon the love of family, the desire to live with one of my daughters and her husband as they have my grandchildren, two boys aged 19 mos and almost five years. Truth be told, I am also an economic refugee from one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, Seattle, WA. Seattle has been the fertile ground for many engineering, biotech and most recently, what is referred to as hi-tech, companies. This has changed a somewhat provincial community into a diverse one in which the average home price is now $700,000 and climbing. This financial pressure is urging many to combine households, as people used to live, “in the old days.” I am continuing to practice psychotherapy based on Jungian principles, and am an Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. In addition, I have specialized in Loss and Grief, and community response to trauma, natural and man made. (See my website: http://www.sulfiatimagnuson.com) Being here in a country that is experiencing explosive growth, right on the equator is stimulating all the different aspects of my self: mother, grandmother, psychotherapist, photographer, journalist, advocate, community member, friend, and seeker. Just when one expects to be limiting one’s experiences, I have just placed myself in a situation to test myself on all levels of what I know, what I can do, and what I believe in. I have been asked to share my story as it unfolds, in words and images. As a great believer in the power of journaling to reveal what might have been missed, I have agreed.

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